about me

I have been a teacher in primairy education for 31 years and taught a lot children in those years. During the last seven years of that carreer I was a teacher and a vice-principal of a primairy school in the centre of Amsterdam. But there is more to tell. My background as a student on a polytechnical school is the reason why I started my webdesign and after all the time working in education it was time for a new carreer.

I started to study at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). During that time I was already working on two websites on Jewish history, one about Amsterdam, one about Rotterdam. I really wanted to improve the sites to a more historic level, so I started my part-time study History. After a year I quit my job and studied fulltime. In July 2018 I graduated and in 2018 – 2020 I am doing a Master in History at the UvA. I graduated for this master in 2020 and I graduated for my second master in 2021, Hebrew and Jewish Studies.

BMWD|educatieve dienstverlening is my bussiness and I offer my services on different educational fields. This enables me to combine my experiences as a teacher with my new skills as a historian. Besides this, I make websites. This is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam.

I took part in a educational committee of the Rijksmuseum. This committee gave advice on edicational programs and one of the results is the primairy school program Jij & de Gouden Eeuw.

As a writer I publiced in “Ons Amsterdam”, the story about Jannigje Philipse in “Negen namen, het eerste transport naar Sobibor” (2013), the story Crooswijksesingel 31a, Rotterdam  in Joodse Huizen (2015), the stories Gijsbrecht van Amstelstraat 379, Hilversum en Oostelijke Handelskade 34, Amsterdam in Joodse Huizen 2 (2016), the story on Ies van Creveld in Joodse Huizen 3 (2017), Putselaan 126a in Joodse Huizen 4 (2018), Jan Porcellisstraat 29b in Joodse Huizen 5 (2019), Tweede Lombardstraat 93 in Joodse Huizen 6 (2020), Israël Kolthoff in Joodse Huizen 8 (2022) and I was one of the four writers of “De Zandstraatbuurt en zijn Joodse inwoners” (2016).

As a lecturer I give talks about the Jewish history of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


Rob Snijders