Tour in Rotterdam for Crescas 2018

There are a lot of great tours in Rotterdam, there are only a few on Jewish history. After 13 years working on the website about the Jewish history of Rotterdam and its surroundings I dare to claim that I know something about this subject. And, I am a native Rotterdammer and lived in the city and its surroundings for 24 years.

What is different about these tours?

  • You are guided by a native and university-graduated historian who is writing over a decade about the Jewish history of this city and is conducting research on this subject.
  • Although Rotterdam was bombarded on May 14, 1940 and lots of history was destroyed I know the spots and know quite some stories about Jewish live in city. By telling the stories I bring Jewish Rotterdam back.
  • I can offer custom-made tours. I need some time for preparation, If your ancestors lived in Rotterdam I can do research on this and show you the (approx.) locations.
  • I speak English, German and Dutch (and basic Hebrew)
  • I make the website that is often used by other guides for their information
  • I am one of the authors of De Zandstraatbuurt en zijn Joodse bewoners, a book about the oldest Jewish neighbourhood in Rotterdam, plus wrote in the books Joodse Huizen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 stories about Jewish Rotterdam and its surroundings.
  • In order to make it your expercience, I only guide small and private groups

Tours that are available right away:

Tour 1 / Hofplein and surroundings
This tour starts near the Hofplein and tells about the history of days gone by. This tour is a shortened version of tour 2. This part of Rotterdam was taken down between 1910 and 1940, but the people who lived here left important tracks in Dutch history. This neighbourhood will be eleborated with photographs from before 1940. 60 min

Tour 2 / West and Centre
We walk along important locations in the Jewish history of Rotterdam and we conclude with the story of the vanished history. 90 – 105 minutes

Tour 3 / Jewish entrepeneurs
From Kop van Zuid to Kralingen. Jewish History of the Port of Rotterdam, entrepeneur and politician Lodewijk Pincoffs, memorial-site Loods 24 and  Jewish Kralingen. 120 min. The tours with the most walking.

Tour 4 / north of Central Station
This ‘new’ neighbourhood of the 30s. The traditional neighbourhood was torn down and this part of the city was build. With the location of the last synagogue that was opened before WOII. 90/120 min.

Tour 5 / Jewish Katendrecht
The story of a special part of Rotterdam. What can we tell about the 2nd World War in this part of town and the Jewish entrepreneurs before, during and after the 2nd World War.  A visit of the memorial-site of Loods 24 and the Childrens Monument can be added. 90/120 min.

Tour 6 / The oldest traces
The Zandstraatbuurt and surroundings was the location of the first settlement and streets as the Oppert and the Botersloot were important for Jewish Rotterdam. Even the first Sefardic cemetery in Rotterdam is close. 90 minutes, starts on the Coolsingel near Hofplein, ends at the Coolsingel near Schiedamsedijk. This tour depends on the stories, this area was bombarded on April 14, 1940.