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Looking for a high-end tour through the history of Jewish Amsterdam, Jewish Rotterdam or the surrounding communities? This is your address.

BMWD|educatieve dienstverlening is the organization that is writing about this history on two websites, www.joodsamsterdam.nl and www.joodserfgoedrotterdam.nl. The websites started around 2007 and in the meantime over 2000 stories are told here. Nearly all of them are written by one person, a former teacher who ended a 31-year carreer in education, started a study in History at the University of Amsterdam, and graduated in 2018.

You will be guided by this historian and during your tour you will hear the stories that are seldom told and you will visit the locations ‘off the beaten track’.
I cater for families and small groups, and groups who want to know the other stories. Per city there are five tours that available right away and a tour that caters especially for you can be made, but that will take some preparation. Just mail the date(s) you would like to have the tour and details about your party and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Besides tours we offer other services, details below (in Dutch).

Working with:

BMWD|educatieve dienstverlening levert diensten op tal van educatieve gebieden, zoals:

  • webdesign, in html of WordPress. Daarnaast het onderhoud van websites.
  • educatieve rondleidingen met een historisch karakter
  • lezingen met een historisch karakter
  • copywriting
  • historisch onderzoek

Op deze website kunt u meer over de verschillende gebieden vinden. U kunt  contact opnemen via deze link.