There are a lot of great tours in Amsterdam. There are many good guides but the demand is so big that there are lots of people guiding who do not know Amsterdam and its history. After 13 years working on a website about the Jewish history of this city and its surroundings,, I dare to claim that I know something about this subject. And, I live in this city for 33 years.

What is different about these tours?

  • You are guided by a local university-graduated historian who is writing over a decade about the Jewish history of this city and is conducting research on this subject.
  • The tours are ‘off the beaten track’, Jewish Amsterdam has much more to offer than the tradional highlights.
  • I can offer custom-made tours. I need some time for preparation, if your ancestors lived in Amsterdam I can do research on this and show you the locations where they lived. That’s a personalized experience!
  • I speak English, German and Dutch (and basic Hebrew)
  • I make the website that is often used by other guides for their information
  • In order to make it your expercience, I only guide small and private groups

August 31, 2017
Rob: We returned home last night, and wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for providing a great tour for the six of us prior to boarding the ship for our cruise. It was obvious to all of us even before we began the tour how much you know about Amsterdam and the Jewish aspect of the history. It is a shame that timing prevented us from spending more time with you. Also, it was a really nice touch that you came to say goodbye to us as we left the ship and departed to the airport. I am sure that the six of us will have the opportunity to recommend you and Elly to friends in the future. We wish you the best in continuing you career in guiding tourist and you other studies, and hope that we will be able to cross-paths in the future.

Chana, Phil, Robbie, Libbie, Betsy and Barry

Which tours are possible directly?

Tour 1 / Amsterdam Centre and East
This tour starts on the Frederiksplein. You will be guided through this part of the city, we go to the New Canals (Jewish part) and we will end where the tour started. This tour takes 90 minutes.

Tour 2 / Amsterdam Centre and Plantage
Besides the history there is also a highlight on the small Jewish entrepeneur. The tour starts at the Joodse Schouwburg on the Plantage Middenlaan and ends at the statue of Spinoza near the Staalstraat. 90 minutes.

Tour 3 / from Montelbaan to Hollandse Schouwburg
A guides tour that starts where it all began, near the Montelbaanstoren. We see important locations of the history of Jewish Amsterdam and we end at the Plantage Middenlaan near the Hollandse Schouwburg. 90 minutes.

Tour 4 / Highlights of Jewish Amsterdam
The highlights of Jewish Amsterdam in a one hour tour. Begin and end near the Waterlooplein, it can be combined with a visit to the Jewish Museums.

Tour 5 / Monnickendam
This tour can be combined with one of the other tours and showes the traces of Jewish life in a town near the former Zuiderzee.